Good Morning Message for My Prince

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    My prince charming every day when I wake up I start thinking about you and how fortunate I am to have you in my life. Thanks to you, I know what happiness is, I hope that you too can start your day well.

    My handsome prince charming, I wish to be the last person to kiss you good night and the first person to greet you best morning. Will it be too selfish to be the first one to kiss you as well? Good morning, sweetheart.

    I send many kisses and a big hug in this new day, that everything will go well, my beloved. Have a fabulous day filled with much happiness.

    I started the day very happy because I dreamed about you; I hope that you too can have a beautiful day. Close your eyes and imagine that I am giving you a sweet kiss.

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    I have sent my angels to guide you throughout the day. Flash that sweet smile of yours and conquer the day away! Lovely morning, love.

    I hope everything will go well on this day. May you have many joys and think of me every time. I love you, sweetheart.

    I feel very lucky because I have you in my life. I thank fate for putting us in the same way. You are the prince I always waited for and now that I own your love promise to love you forever, that this day is wonderful.

    You achieved to win my heart with your personality, you are so nice, so detailed that it would be impossible not to have fallen for you, hope you have a very profitable day.

    The day ahead is full of infinite possibilities, my love. Seize them with your irresistible smile and get up with a grateful heart. Lovely morning, handsome.

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    You are the greatest blessing God has given me; since I met you I was delighted with you because I felt that you were the one for me. I hope now everything will go well.

    You are the sunrise that showers my road with radiance. Your sweet voice is the song I dance to in the morning. You are the clouds that give comfort to a hot sunny day. Rise up my love, light up the day ahead with the brightest of colors. Best morning, handsome.

    Best morning, handsome! Get up with happy thoughts, a heart full of gratitude and strength to get through the challenges of the day. How I wish I could be there to send you off with a kiss! I love you.

    Since I have your love every day of my life is special, you always surprise me with beautiful details and you make that every day I fall in love more and more of you.

    The thoughts of you send sunshine through my window, chasing the blues away. The thoughts of succumbing to your warm embrace at the end of the day give me the courage to face the day. Let’s get up with bright and strong hearts. Lovely morning, handsome!.

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