Good Morning Images for Relatives

This section of this page shows you with the best collection of happy morning pictures, and quotes to share with your family members. Just download these Good Morning Images and send to your relatives via messenger to wish them to take the time and enjoy every minute of it. All the wallpapers and greetings in this section are designed in a lovely way.

    Enjoy wishing all your relatives in the morning with these awesome e-cards and messages. You can download any number of good morning greetings and images from this 'Relatives' gallery for non-commercial purposes. Enjoy sharing these cards with your uncle, aunty, cousins etc.

    All people are your relatives; therefore expect only trouble from them - CHINESE PROVERB

    Where there’s a will, there are five hundred relatives - UNKNOWN

    The rich never have to seek out their relatives - ITALIAN PROVERB

    An advantage of poverty: your relatives gain nothing by your death - HEBREW PROVERB

    ‘Relatives are the worst friends’, said the fox as the dogs look after him - DANISH PROVERB

    When you are poor, neighbours close by will not come; once you become rich, you’ll be surprised by visits from relatives afar - CHINESE PROVERB

    The day your horse dies and your money’s lost, your relatives change to strangers - CHINESE PROVERB

    Go to friends for advice; to women for pity; to strangers for charity; to relatives for nothing - SPANISH PROVERB

    Better one true friend than a hundred relatives - ITALIAN PROVERB

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